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Nobody wins unless everybody wins.

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  • OPO Dashboard

    OPO Dashboard

    Organ procurement organizations (OPOs) are federal contractors in charge of coordinating the recovery of transplantable organs from medically eligible organ donors in their region. An astounding lack of accountability and oversight in the nation’s creaking, monopolistic organ transplant system is allowing hundreds of thousands of potential organ donations to fall through the cracks. Patients of color are less likely to receive organ transplants than white patients because of inferior OPO service.

  • Erin Go Dog

    Erin Go Dog

    A custom website for the Twin Cities-based pet services small business.

  • Minnesota Dog Pack

    Minnesota Dog Pack

    A custom website for the Minnesota-based dog walking small business.

  • Infinite Viral Chrome Extension

    Infinite Viral Chrome Extension

    Top 10 Reasons Only 90s Kids Believe What This Chrome Browser Extension Does! Check out the Github repository.

  • Panther View

    Panther View

    A web visualization for open civic data points on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Check out the Github repository.

  • Pitt Quantum Repository

    Pitt Quantum Repository

    A web-GL-based molecular visualizations interface for Pitt Quantum Institute molecular data.

  • Plenar.io


    An Array of Things sensor data pipeline and visualization dashboard. Check out the Github repository.

  • React SVG Donut Chart

    React SVG Donut Chart

    An extendable, pure-SVG donut chart React component npm module. Check out the Github repository.